Animal Massage Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my pet's massage?

Before your first massage:  

  • Complete the Health History Questionnaire before your first appointment.
  • Have your recent vet records with their latest vitals listed.
  • Depending on your pet's health, we may need a referral from your vet saying that massage is OK.

For every massage, including the first:

  • Schedule a time of day that will be quiet and relaxing for your pet.
  • Take them for a short walk beforehand, if possible so they are ready to relax.
  • Let them out to potty just before the session.
  • Try to feed them at least 2 hours before the session so they don't have a full belly. 

What will happen during the massage session?

I will briefly assess their movement and posture to decide how best to help them that session. We will discuss any medical history and current conditions. Drawing on my extensive experience as a massage therapist for humans, I will customize the session with massage, fascial release and energy balancing techniques that your pet responds most to and modify them so they can fully enjoy the session. It is very common for animals to take breaks often during the massage and the amount of hands-on massage time will vary by session and animal.

Should I do anything after the massage?

Your pet will likely need to go outside again, and having time for a brief dog walk may be helpful. Access to fresh water is also important after a massage.

Do I need to set up anything for the massage?

All we need is a calm and quiet indoor location for the massage. I will bring all supplies needed. 

How often should my pet receive a massage?

Essentially, pets need massage for the same reasons and at a similar frequency as their human companions. Each animal is different and the frequency of sessions will vary by pet. For a dog recovering from injury or surgery or in chronic pain, 1-2 times per week may be helpful initially. For pets on a wellness plan with no chronic or acute health concerns, once every 4-6 weeks will be a good time frame.