Wellness massage can benefit cats and dogs at any age.

General Benefits

  • Decrease pain, discomfort and stiffness
  • Improve immune response (before/after travel or surgery)
  • Relieve anxiety, hyperactivity or depression
  • Promote healthy skin and coat

Senior/Geriatric Pets

  • Ease discomfort caused by chronic conditions
  • Help with mobility issues, increase ease of movement
  • Increase joint flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Decrease pain caused by arthritis
  • Aid digestion, help with constipation
  • Provide comfort and relief during End of Life care

Puppies/Growing Pets

  • Help to socialize and decrease anxiety around touch and new people
  • Reduce aches and pains associated with rapid growth of bones and muscles
  • Improve body awareness and promote healthy postural and movement habits

Pets recovering from Injury or Surgery

  • Facilitate quicker healing
  • Stimulate weak muscles
  • Promote healthy scar tissue formation