7 Creative Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

Water is a vital component in a healthy functional body. The adult human body contains up to 60% water, which is used throughout our body as a transport system for nutrients, to lubricate joints and soft tissues, produce saliva, regulate internal body temperature and to eliminate waste. 

I'm in the habit of advising my clients to drink more water after receiving a massage. Why? Because once we release adhered tissues and restore glide, you want to maintain the ease by providing the lubrication for the tissues to continue gliding and not get "re-stuck", ie. drink more water. Water is also the element of creativity, renewal, flow and emotional balancing.

Most people don't drink enough water on a daily basis and I've heard a lot of people say they just forget to drink water, or don't like it. So, I've suggested some creative ways over the years to encourage people to drink water more regularly. 

Here is a list of ideas that people tend to like and use to stay properly hydrated.

1. Drink a full glass before getting out of bed.  I place a cup of water by my bed at night before going to sleep. It comes in handy if I wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, but usually I end up drinking it first thing when I awake, before I even stand.

2. Flavor the water. Use a slice of lemon, orange, lime or another fruit (I love berries!) to give the water a slight flavor. Mint leaves and cucumber work well too. There are a lot of recipes online for water infusions, including this site with some interesting combos.

3. Get a fun container. Have you noticed you drink more water if it's in a certain glass or mug? I particularly enjoy drinking from mason jars, and notice I drink more when I use one. Maybe a fun reusable straw or cool sports bottle calls your name. If taste is an issue, try glass instead of plastic or metal. If you don't enjoy drinking out of it, chances are you aren't drinking much.

4. Wear your water bottle, seriously!  A lot of people are super busy, on the go and chasing kiddos all day long. Who has time to remember to drink multiple glasses of water then? Get one of those mini-hydration back packs so you can literally drink at any moment (and carry small items easily) while on the playground. This one may seem a bit silly, but it works. 

5. Set a calendar reminder. If you like to have pop-up reminders at work, have one set to a frequency that will help you to remember to drink water. Just don't click "dismiss" without drinking the water.

6. Use a smaller bottle at the office. If you sit at a desk all day, use a smaller glass for your water. This will cause you to get up more frequently to refill the glass, which also means you don't find yourself sitting for 3 hours straight. (yea, you reading this blog, how long has it been since you moved around a bit?) Drinking more water also means you have to get up to use the restroom more frequently. More movement in the day = BONUS!

7. Carry a water bottle everywhere. Even if I'm just running to the grocery store, I bring along my water bottle. Red lights are a great time to hydrate. I even bring an empty lightweight collapsible bottle to places with water fountains (like Sounders games) so I can hydrate at the game and not deal with the bulk in my bag.

How much water to drink?

Different bodies have different needs, but an average rule of thumb is to divide your body weight by 2 and aim for that many ounces of water. Ex: a 180lb person would drink 90oz of water per day. Don't worry if it seems way too much water to drink in a day, just try to drink more than you already do if you know you don't drink enough.

Other reasons/excuses why you can't drink enough water in the day? Post them here and I'll try to find a creative solution for you!