Notes of Gratitude

Creating and completing this new site has been one of the most rewarding and challenging labors of my life. It seems a bit strange to me now that it was so difficult and took me years to do. It was a long road to get past the blocks, fears, frustrations, excuses and the downright refusals to just do it. I didn't know that I could actually enjoy creating a site, but I really had a lot of fun with this challenge once I found my flow. I have a lot of people to thank for helping me get to this point, so I'd like to write each a note of gratitude.

A great big THANK YOU to:

Caley Philipps, my coach- who helped me recognize, understand and remove my blocks. You have a real talent and you got me back in the flow! This blog happened because of you.

Becky Pezely, my logo designer- for creating this gorgeous logo that has inspired me to redesign my brand and reveal my authentic self. I didn't even know logo design could be a therapeutic process!

Jon, my office neighbor- for introducing me to Squarespace when I was frustrated with Wordpress so that I could create the site I envisioned and had fun doing it!

Jill Chatterjee, my sister-friend and photographer- For creating most of the images used on my site and encouraging me to get this going!

My amazing team of healers: Mindee Anderson, Kate Bromley, Michelle Wilson, Janel Fox, Mike Hamm, Kathy Jakielski, Robert Lester, Drew Perdichizzi- for your therapeutic touch and healing presence to help me fully integrate and THRIVE.

My family and friends- for your initial feedback on my site and all your continued support through my healing process these past few months.

And my final note of gratitude, but definitely not least, to my partner Michael- I'm immensely grateful for your incredible feedback during the site creation and for the time you invested in helping me. Your constant support, love and encouragement made this entire process much more manageable.