What Is an Affirmation Setting Session?

Part of my Polarity Therapy training entailed learning to guide others in writing their own personal affirmations. You’ve likely heard of repeating affirmations as a way of creating positive change in your life. Or perhaps you’ve found affirmations written by others that resonate with you. However, creating your own affirmations can make them more effective, especially when guided by someone trained to help you.

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmations are positive statements that help change the subconscious mind towards what we want. (Louise Hay has many wonderful examples) They are short statements in the first person (I, My), present tense and positive. If a person experiences chronic pain and limited mobility, they might write an affirmation that describes what they want instead. For example, “I move with ease and freedom.”

How to tell when an affirmation is the right fit for you:

Initially it should feel a bit scary and hard to believe (but not impossible) and also be something that you really want. If you feel no emotional connection to it, or just have an easy attitude towards it, it’s probably not going to be very helpful. I can’t recall the exact wording of my very first custom affirmation, but I clearly remember how I felt during the process. I was really struggling financially as a massage therapist and wrote something about the success I wanted to feel. Because of my own mental blocks, what I wrote on my own felt pretty easy, but wasn’t what I needed for change. Once the person guiding me helped me tweak it to be more potent, I really struggled to say it and felt pretty emotional because at the time I didn’t believe in myself to succeed. By the end of the entire process (detailed below), I felt a lot better about it and repeated it multiple times a day. It actually did become true within the year as well! And I’m no longer blocked each time I reach for a new level of success.

What happens in an Affirmation Setting Session?

The process to set an affirmation is simple, but not easy. You come in with an idea of what you want, and I help you to create your personal affirmation statement making sure it fits the criteria (first-person, short, specific, present-tense, positive). It seems easy to do on your own, but it’s also really easy to add or omit words that make it less effective for you. (Much like trying to work out on your own vs. with a trainer - do you try as hard on your own?)

The next step is the difficult part. You’ll repeat the affirmation to me a number of times, and after each repetition I acknowledge that it’s true. Then we switch and I say it to you a number of times, with you agreeing that it’s true each time. This is where it gets emotional and difficult, especially for anyone struggling with receiving, being seen or being witnessed. But it’s also where we create the change for it to be most effective! Personally, I find it much more powerful to create an affirmation with a witness because it helps me believe it more than just trying to write one on my own.

The remainder of the session includes hands-on polarity therapy to further integrate the affirmation so that it starts to feel more true and believable. It also gives you time to rest and gently sit with the new affirmation before heading back to normal life.

Affirmations to Support Resolutions or Goals

Affirmations are particularly helpful for the bigger goals, such as in my personal example above where I was trying to drastically change my financial situation. I had a goal of how much I needed to earn in order to make ends meet but the affirmation helped me believe I actually deserved to earn that amount. A personal affirmation can also help make a big physical change, whether it be improving health through starting to exercise after years of being sedentary, or stopping the negative spiral that’s easy to get into when experiencing chronic pain. So if you have big change you’d like to make in your personal life, try creating your own affirmation to see if fits you better. Schedule an Affirmation Setting session with me or another person trained in this process if you want extra guidance and the energy work to facilitate the shift.