Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does "Sanachi" mean?

A. "Sana" means Health, "Chi" means Energy. I combined a different spelling of my name with Chi to mean "Healthy Energy."

Q. Do you accept insurance?

A. I bill directly for PIP (auto-collision) and L&I (work injury). I am not In-Network with any major private health insurance. If you have out-of-network benefits, I will submit a claim on your behalf for you to be reimbursed after paying for your session at time of service. A prescription with diagnosis codes, number and frequency of visits is required in order for me to submit a claim.

Q. What type of session should I schedule?

A. With the exception of Hot Stone Massages, schedule based on the amount of time you want to receive massage and or energy balancing. We will determine which modalities are best at your appointment. Bodywork is very individual and the session length varies by person. For my style of bodywork, I think the 90 minute session is best, or 2 hours if you have a lot you want to address. A good rule of thumb is if the session ends and you feel like it was too short, schedule longer. If you feel it was too long, try a shorter one. 45 minutes is suggested for people new to massage or who have difficulty lying down for long periods.

Q. How often should I come in for treatment?

A. This is also very individual as some people feel twice a year is enough, while others want to come weekly. For a more in-depth answer, read my blog post about it.

Q. Do I need to wear or bring anything specific?

A. If you want a full Energy Balancing session or to remain clothed, please wear loose, comfortable clothing (like post-Thanksgiving dinner comfortable) nothing tight or restrictive. I have many bolstering options and a selection of music, but if you need something to be more comfortable, you are welcome to bring it.

Q. Do I have to remove ALL of my clothes?

A. Not at all. I invite clients to undress to your comfort level. If that means all clothes stay on, no problem. If that means everything off, I'll keep you safely covered with draping. Anything in between is welcome as well. I work within your comfort zone and can adjust techniques to meet you where you're at. Energy Balancing is often done completely clothed, so that's a great option too.

Q. I'm feeling sick. Should I come in or reschedule?

A. This can often be a case by case basis, so please feel free to contact me if you are sick on the day of your appointment and are unsure whether you want to come in. In general, if you don't feel well enough to go to work or run errands, you should cancel your massage. Also cancel if you have a fever, flu or are contagious. If it is very early on in a cold, we may be able to decrease the duration, but massage can also bring it on faster. If you are struggling to get over a long cold, I have techniques that can help speed recovery.

Q. Can I bring my dog or kids with me?

A. I can't allow furry friends because I have clients with allergies. I do all animal massage in-home to keep my office allergen-free. Older kids can sit quietly on a couch in the hallway, but I don't have a secure room for them to wait. Please leave the pups and young kids safely at home.



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