Myofascial & Neurofascial Release

Fascia is a soft connective tissue that provides support for most structures within our body. It also encapsulates every muscle and nerve fiber, so if we don't release it we aren't making long-term healing progress. When fascia becomes adhered or "stuck," we may feel tension, decreased range of motion or nerve pain. The "knots" you feel are often tethered nerves needing gentle release to restore natural gliding motion in the tissue. I use slow, gentle pressure to release this tissue layer by layer, working down to the deep tissues. This gradual and relaxing method is highly effective in restoring free movement, balance and ease to the body.




occiput hold.jpg

Energy Balancing / Polarity Therapy

I primarily work with the Elements, Chakras and Polarity Therapy techniques. I am almost always hands-on with my energy work, and often incorporate it into massage techniques. I use both moving and stationary techniques, depending on how your body guides me in each session. It is usually very relaxing to receive and clients often report a sensation of blood flowing better, increased warmth, a sense of weightlessness or feeling like water is running through the body. Polarity Therapy feels similar to receiving a Craniosacral session, and can occasionally feel intense or painful depending on what your body is processing. Energy work can also help release deep restrictions without using a lot of pressure. By clearing and balancing energy pathways, your own healthy energy will flow more freely and help you continue healing after the session is complete. Energy balancing can be very helpful for setting intentions, clearing out stagnant energy and returning to a sense of peaceful groundedness. It is the main component to reconnecting to your whole being. It is an excellent complement to mental health counseling and is very effective for integrating mind, body and spirit. It can be done fully clothed and uses primarily stationary holds.



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Hot Stone Massage

Smooth heated basalt stones penetrate deep layers of muscle and fascia while opening energy meridians. It is a deeply relaxing treatment and eases sore or tired muscles. Stones are effective as a focused treatment to relax tense muscles. As a full-body treatment, it is an incredibly grounding and balancing session.





Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage

My approach to Swedish massage still focuses on releasing the fascia, so my pace is slow and I sink as far as your tissue will let me go. I work the very deepest muscles that can be accessed, but through a non-invasive and slow approach so that it will always be within your comfort zone. I wait for the layers to relax and let me go deeper, rather than pushing my way into the tissue and trying to force it to release. (Forcing tissue isn't very effective long-term, because the muscles will actually guard as protection. If you are looking for the type of massage that hurts to receive and will leave you sore the next day or two, I am NOT the best fit for you.)



Intra-Oral Massage

This is gentle massage inside of the mouth to release restricted nerves and small muscles of the jaw. It is very relaxing, feels good to receive and I guide you so you know what to expect in the treatment. Working inside the mouth is highly effective at decreasing TMJD pain, jaw/neck tension and chronic headaches (80% of headaches are caused by nerves in the jaw). It is a great natural pain-reliever for post dental work care.


Pregnancy Massage

I work with pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy. I am not certified in pregnancy massage techniques, but I am trained in how to keep you safe, comfortable and give you a nurturing and relaxing massage. Once you are uncomfortable lying on your belly, I will position you on your side and teach you how to get comfortable on your own at home. Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful way to "mother the mother" and there is research indicating that regular massage during pregnancy can ease childbirth.



Trigger Point Release

Similar to myofascial release, this method releases adhered tissue causing pain. Trigger points can be local tender spots or sites that refer to other painful areas. I slowly sink into the tissue to release the adhered bands which can feel intense, but I always stay within your comfort zone.


Lymphatic Facilitation for Trauma and Illness

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and can get "backed-up" when we have an injury or illness. Excess inflammation causes pain; decreasing this extra fluid reduces pain after trauma. This method is also very beneficial after any illness with congestion, or as a preventive method to keep the immune system functioning well. The method consists of a gentle rhythmic contact of the skin to stimulate the flow of lymph and its return to the circulatory system. In the blood’s passage through the kidneys, the excess fluid is filtered out and eliminated from the body through urination. This technique can be very beneficial in the acute injury stage when massage may be too painful or contraindicated.