Small Animal Massage

Combining my passions of massage and animals, I offer gentle wellness massage to cats and dogs in the comfort of your own home in North Seattle and the surrounding area. I trained through the Northwest School of Animal Massage and am licensed and insured in WA state to provide maintenance massage to small animals. 


Rates & Scheduling

Appointments can be scheduled via phone or email. I come to your home so that your pet can be relaxed and comfortable.


Benefits of massage for your pet.

Wellness massage can be helpful for dogs and cats of all ages. I have a particular love for senior pets from living with older cats for many years. I've seen how much they benefit from regular massage, becoming more lively and youthful after a session.



What to expect before, during and after your pet's massage. Don't see your question here? Contact me for help.

Massage is not a substitute for regular veterinary check-ups and only a licensed veterinarian can diagnose illness and injury.