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Sanna is a truly gifted massage therapist and healer. She kept my body in tune and out of pain while I lived in Seattle and now that I live on the other side of the world, she is always one of my first stops when I pass through town on occasion. Wonderful person and the best hands and soul in the city.
— D.G.
Sanna’s massage technique is fantastic. I’m not prone to enjoying ‘energy’ massage usually and just prefer really powerful deep tissue work. Sanna has strong hands and good pressure, but I must also acknowledge that she has real skills in connecting to polarities in the body and awakening the subtle energetics of the bodymind. Sometimes you need just your muscles to be reworked and sometimes you need to have the nerve source be worked as well. It was a really good balance of chi energy work and muscle manipulation. And guess what?! She doesn’t chat and annoy you with trivial conversation while she’s massaging you either.
— B.H.
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Best Ever. I’ve had other great massage therapists, done cupping, acupuncture and other forms of therapy and I must say that Sanna is the best. She is truly a natural at what she does, has hands that are strong yet subtle and is in tune with your energy meridians. I’d recommend her anytime.
— F.D.
Fantastic! I was in a really bad accident a few years ago and when my back flares up it takes a special touch to set things right. Many of the ‘traditional’ massage therapists I’ve gone to see have not been able to correct the problem and then I usually only feel better for a few hours. Sanna understood what the problem was and was thorough in working out the knots and core issues The results were almost immediate and the pain did not return! I highly recommend her!
— C.T.
I normally suffer weather related breathing problems due to the blood pressure medications I must take. During the Polarity Therapy session Sanna noted my somewhat racing heart and worked her magic on me- just a gentle touch lasting a few minutes. I have been back in Chicago for three weeks now and still have no breathing problems! This is extremely unusual for me as it is very hot and humid here. In addition, I am calmer, more relaxed, less anxious and less worried about the issues related to being a small business owner. I feel a sense of balance and wellness that is enjoyable but highly unusual for me.
— T.R.
Creating my own affirmation with Sanna’s guidance helped deepen our bodywork so that I felt mind and body were focused on the changes I wanted to make in my life.
— R.F.
Excellent experience. As a life long athlete, I’ve had numerous massages. Sanna tailored her approach to work for me. She has the rare ability to feel and sense the needs of your muscles and follows her senses. I give her a high recommendation.
— D.P.
I had an amazing hot stone massage given by Sanna. I have had tension and pain issues in my back and neck for years. After recently moving to Seattle I’d been on the hunt for a good massage therapist. I’d almost given up after having 3 not-so-spectacular massages. I am so thrilled that I decided to try Sanna. Her new massage studio is comfortable and she is a skilled healer. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking for pain relief and/or relaxation.
— M.R.
My husband delighted me with the present of a 90 minute massage for my birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage treatment with Sanna. I work in a very physically demanding job, and the massage was just what I needed! Sanna has a very calming presence and provided a very professional, high-quality massage. I would go back again without hesitation.
— L.L.
I’d been suffering for weeks with an unrelenting muscle cramp in my back. I decided to give massage a try and met Sanna at a work-provided chair massage clinic. Within 10 min, Sanna had zeroed-in on the cramped muscle and got it to release. I was stunned at how effective she was. I now see her for 90 min table sessions. She is compassionate, intuitive, capable, precise, and gentle. She’s drastically improved my quality of life. I could not recommend her more.
— D.H.
Sanna’s Affirmation Setting process helped me distill a barrel full of goals, from habits I would like to cultivate to lifetime outcomes, into short statements of who I would have to be in order to be the person that can achieve them. Then she helped me set the affirmations so that I could actually believe that is who I am. I came out of the process believing it in my bones. It has made all the difference in my life. It’s tricky, not easy, and very scary, but transformative and well worth it.
— J.M.C
Sanna is a natural! I have seen Sanna quite a few times. When I first went to her I had a number of problem areas and she has been extremely beneficial to me. It’s obvious that this comes completely natural to her and for me she is a blessing.
— D.A.
She’s a healer, sensitive, intuitive, strong and soft at the same time. The best massage I’ve ever had.
— C.F